Federal District
Mexico City

Centro Cultural de la Diversidad Sexual
Centro Cultural de la Diversidad Sexual (Sexual Diversity Cultural Center) in Mexico City "is a space created to catalogue, to expose and to promote the culture of those who comprise sexual diversity. Its objective is to be a space opened to the new aesthetic currents of our country in the diverse fields of artistic creation (plastic, dance, theater, music) and integrate the expressions arisen from the use of new technologies like the network of the Internet, computer creations and performance. One also considers, to serve as a space of investigation in which documentation of social, historical and political happening is lodged of this sector of Mexican society, forming a research center and library - as much in material acquired by the center (books, magazines, studies and treaties, as well as a plastic collection) as a virtual center supported by the Internet system - giving special emphasis to the subjects that concern our community (AIDS, political activism, interpersonal human rights, relations, etc.). In the Area of Formation, the center develops courses and workshops on diverse fields (especially of artistic creation and information on HIV/AIDS) at accessible prices. Finally, it is important to mention that the center is born under the spirit of community, the reason why one of its fundamental objectives is one of consolidarity as a space for our people, where, in a warm and inclusive way, users find the possibility of forming new friendships in a cordial and dignified atmosphere."

Cuenta con:

  • Galería de Arte
  • Servicio de Cafetería
  • Libros
  • Café Internet
  • Antigüedades
  • Seminarios y debates
  • Conferencias y grupos semanales de encuentro organizados por AMAC y TREMUV.

Centro Cultural de Diversidad Sexual, México.
de martes a domingo
de las 9 a las 23 horas.
Colima 267,
Colonia Roma
México, D. F.

teléfono: 5514-2565