LDH - Liga Moçambicana dos Direitos Humanos (Mozambique Human Rights League)
The LDH is "a nonprofit NGO, founded in 1993 and registered with the Ministry of Justice in 1995. It has as main objectives to defend, promote and divulge human rights in Mozambique, and to promote the principles of peaceful resolution of conflicts. The league aims to serve any citizen who has been a victim of human rights violations, particularly women and children as far as legal aid is concerned."

The LDH does a wide array of human rights advocacy encouraging and assisting many populations to stand up and organize for their rights. One population segment is gay and lesbian Mozambicans. The chairperson of the Human Rights League, Dr. Alice Mabota, urges the country's gay and lesbian citizens to organise and fight for their rights. She spoke at the first ever seminar on gay rights in the country, organised by the LDH, with the sponsorship of the Dutch NGO Hivos, in October 2006. "Citizens win their rights, they're not a gift from the state," reminds Mabota. "If gays and lesbians struggle for their rights, the LDH will support them."

As pointed out at the first gay rights seminar, the development of democracy is increasingly measured "by the extension of freedoms and legal protection for all minorities. The progress in gay rights in various countries does not reflect cultural factors - it reflects democratic advances. Only thus can one explain the cultural diversity of the countries that are in the vanguard of gay rights."

The LDH can be reached by post, by fax and by telephone at:

Liga Moçambicana dos Direitos Humanos
Av. Maguiguana 2219
Maputo, MZ

Contact Person: Chairperson Dr. Alice Mabote
Telephone: +258 1 406022
Fax: +258 1 406022