UGOU - Union of Gay Organizations of Ukraine
On June 13, 2008, Ukrainian non-governmental organizations Gay Alliance, Gay Alliance Cerkasy, and Nash Mir Gay & Lesbian Center co-founded the Union of Gay Organizations of Ukraine (UGOU).

The goals of the Union are: 1) uniting efforts of its participants in advocating rights and freedoms of gay people, 2) mobilizing the gay-community for building civil society in our country, 3) improving effectiveness of HIV-infection prevention among homosexuals. Members of the Union begin to realize joint projects in the interests of GLBT community of Ukraine – and will provide an even wider range of information, advocacy, social, and health protection services. Among the plans of the Union is giving support to young gay organizations as well as educating gay activists.

The Union of Gay Organizations of Ukraine is an association embodying democracy at its optimum: all decisions are made by participants’consensus. UGOU is founded on the basis of mutual agreement to cooperate; it does not create a new legal entity. As such, this organization form will focus financial means for program activities and minimize administrative expenses.

The Union anticipates getting funds for its projects from Ukrainian and foreign corporate and private donors.

Already for several years, the idea of uniting organizations and groups of gays and lesbians has been discussed in Ukraine. However because of different circumstances it was previously impossible to create a large association. Thus, three organizations, each having long-term experience working with GLBT people, and a common professional vision and strategy for further development of Ukrainian gay-community, have founded the Union. The Union will be open to membership admission by other officially registered gay and lesbian&gay organizations; it welcomes dialog and collaboration for the common good of the Ukrainian gay-community.

Information resources of the Union on the Internet:
Gay Alliance:
Nash Mir:
Odyn z Nas gay magazine:

The Union can be contacted by email and by phone at:


Phone: +380 67 230-72-64

Contact person: Taras Karasiichuk, Technical Secretary of the Union

Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) and Nationwide

Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) Association of Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals "LiGA"
LiGA is the "non-profit organization registered by Mykolayiv City Council on December 26, 1996. The Association was founded with the purpose of uniting the people of homo- and bi-sexual orientation with the purpose of their integration to the Ukrainian society through lobbying of interests of LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender) community, holding of educational work and propaganda of healthy way of life, provision of various services for LGBT community in the south of Ukraine. Nowadays thanks to the volunteers’ and Association members’ work as well as thanks to the support of our partners and funds providers we develop the partnership relations with government and public organizations on both, national and international levels." LiGA can be reached by email and by telephone at:


PO Box 189
Mykolayiv, Ukraine 54003

Tel: +38050 318 12 90